Meet Edel and accompany him on his daily routine in the bedazzling world of Oranova. An interactive web comic in Dutch.

Interactive Motion Comic Oranva



Oranova is a story about the inhabitants of the vulcanic planets Basalt and Kristalijn. Meet Edel, a young orphan. His hometown, Breccia, is populated by libertines, grifters, junkies, vigilantes and cults. He tries to survive in this urban jungle by selling lixir, a popular party drug. But danger surrounds him at all times, lurking in the shadows, or just around the corner.


Part 1

This is part one of an ongoing story, and it’s a 12-minute read. Oranova will continue in 2019.


Oranova interactive graphic novel web


Artist’s Bio

Merel Barends works in Amsterdam as an illustrator and comic artist. Her work has been published by several renown Dutch literary publishers, like De Bezige Bij, Uitgeverij Atlas/Contact and Uitgeverij Podium. She also did commissions and editorials for a variety of clients, a.o. IDFA, Vrij Nederland Magazine and Greenpeace. As a graphic journalist she found an international audience, having her work translated in English and Arabic. Barends is editor of Drawing the Times, an international platform for graphic journalism. She collaborated with writer and animation producer Jantiene de Kroon on Oranova, a transmedia narrative.


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Main Creator:

Art/Script/Animation: Merel Barends

Full Credits:

Adobe Animate Guru: Wilfred Ottenheijm
Special Guest Star: Emely Flach
Music: Jan Cleijne
Podcast Text & production: Jantiene de Kroon
Voice Actor: Nienke Poiesz
Special Thanks: The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK)

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