Research Paper: ”Frozen Moments in Motion”

An Artistic Research on the use of Motion in Digital Comics

by Fredrik Rysjedal

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What are the concepts of motion in digital comics? What types of motion can be used in comics and how does motion affect the presentation, the story and even the reader/viewer? Fredrik Rysjedal investigates the use of motions in digital comic through the process of making his digital comics Sound of the Aurora and Close, Closer, Closest. This research project is a part of the Norwegian Programme for Artistic Research, and it’s executed at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, today called Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen.

About Fredrik Rysjedal

Fredrik Rysjedal is an illustrator and comic artist from Leirvik in Sogn og Fjordane and currently based in Bergen, Norway. He got his formal education at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, where he got a Bachelor and Master degree in design. He was a fellow researcher at the same institution from 2012 – 2015, researching screen-based comics and the hybrid between comic and film. In 2017 he published the autobiographical digital comic, Close, Closer, Closest. Fredrik has done several “comic performances” in Norway and in China, adding that “its a form of motion comic that I edit live, like VJ’ing or expanded cinema, with musicians.”

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