Close, Closer, Closest

Fredrik wants to know more about his grandfather that died 15 years before he was born. Thus, with the help of a new smartphone, he starts to interview his relatives in order to save his family’s stories from oblivion…

About the interactive comic

Hailed as “the first Norwegian comic that makes use of sound, music and motion”, Close, Closer, Closest is a short autobiographical digital comic by Fredrik Rysjedal. It marks the beginning of a project where Fredrik searches for family stories that will bring him some steps closer to his grandfather who died 15 years before he was born. One of the few things that Fredrik knows about his grandfather is that he was a sailor during WWII and that there are probably many stories about him to be unearthed. Close, Closer, Closest is then a personal portrait of post-war Norway and family relations.

Close, Closer, Closest - Interactive comic on Screendiver

Close, Closer, Closest - Interactive comic on Screendiver

Artistically, Fredrik defines Close, Closer, Closest as a “comic hybrid” since it mixes static images and moving sequences. In particular, In particular, it presents many zoom-ins and zoom-outs while the movements are activated both automatically and by the viewer. Another peculiarity of this digital comic lies in the small pieces of tape applied to the page that gifts the images with a distinctive light. Additionally, Close, Closer, Closest can rely on an evocative soundtrack by Stephan Meidel that plunges the viewer into a suggestive atmosphere. Over the course of 2016, it has also been presented at several public readings as a kind of “performance comic”.


Close, Closer, Closest was developed under the umbrella of the artistic research project “Frozen Moments In Motion” (blog) at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design/University of Bergen, funded and organised by the Norwegian Program of Artistic Research.

Story and visuals: Fredrik Rysjedal – Fredrik is a comic artist and drawer from Norway, who lives and works in Bergen.

Music: Stephan Meidel
Programming: Hans Philip Eide
Translator: Sunniva Vik

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