A collection of short stories and interactive experiments by Yung Kiwi. Each episode attempts to explore a different corner in the sphere of digital comics and illustration.

Abwaesser interactive comic


Abwaesser is Yung Kiwi’s personal playground. From regular web comics to animated and interactive comics,ambling along a twisted line somewhere between punch and poetry, much like a song.

There are episodes in German and in English. But don’t be discouraged if a story is not in your language. Many episodes are dialogue free. Some are based on written pieces by collaborating authors. There are no fixed cast or returning characters in Abwaesser.

Despite the variety, Yung Kiwi aka Michael Kühni’s signature style is evident in every chunk. Expect lots of humor of the dark variety, with a pinch of suspense thrown in for good measure.

The images are from episodes, Visiting The Aquarium, Another Day Another Life, Coming Of Age and Huff ‘n’ Puff.


Created by Yung Kiwi aka. Michael Kühni

collaborations feature work by:

Yung Landi
Christoph Simon
Rolf Hermann
Jan Buchholz
Laura Vogt
Stefanie Blaser

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