Binary Land «Hello World!!!»

Binary Land Hello World !!! is an interactive story combining a book and an app. Follow Java, Yxemel and Arduino on a journey to discover what happens to their village.

Binary Land «Hello World!!!» is an interactive comic book. You need to use the Binary Land app with the book in order to access the whole story. Specific frames in the book can be recognized by the app in order to continue the story started on paper and see what happens to the main characters. Follow Java, Yxemel and Arduino in a journey to discover what happened to their village. «Hello World!!!» is the first interactive comic book of the Binary Land series. Using their smartphone or tablet, the readers can experience the story on paper and digitally, enhancing interaction.


How to use Binary Land:

  1. Get the app Monde Binaire on the App Store or Google Play
  2. Download and print the paper comic book on our web site www.transmï.ch or buy the collector version to get your own copy of the augmented comic book
  3. Read the Comic
  4. Find and frame the specific drawings with your device (camera mode) on the comic book pages.
  5. Interact with the characters.



Developer Transmïi Studio

Concept Baptiste Milési, Julien Milési, Raphaël Munoz

Graphic Designer Baptiste Milési

Scriptwriter Julien Milési

Programmer Raphaël Munoz

Search Screendriver

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