Été (Summer)

Follow lovers Abel and Olivia on their road trip through France in season 2 of the successful Instagram comic. In French and English.

Story and First Season

Abel, 28, is an architect. Olivia, 29, is a civil engineer. They are in love and decide to challenge their relationship before moving in together. Their challenge consists of them both ticking off items from their bucket lists during the summer, while staying out of contact with each other. They grant each other 60 days of ‘complete freedom’ to make bold choices, reflecting on what it means to be alone, together, free, or happy. As days go by, those experimentations eventually lead them to grasp more clearly who they are but also where they come from…

Second Season

Launched in June 2018. Abel and Olivia go on a roadtrip to discover France.

Instagram first

Été (Summer) is a comic made for Instagram and makes great creative use of the social platform’s unique features; stories, diaporama and short videos. Every day from June 29 to August 27, 2017, a new comic strip was published on the dedicated Instagram account @ete_arte, which gained 46.3K followers in its first week.

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About the Creators

Thomas Cadène
He is a scriptwriter, mostly working for comics for more than 10 years. In 2010, he creates the daily online series Les Autres Gens (The Other People). He also wrote the story of the digital prequel of the Trepalium series.

Joseph Safieddine
He is a comics scripwriter; Les Lumières de Tyr  in 2012 (The Lights of Tyr), Je n’ai jamais connu la guerre in 2013 (I Never Experienced War) and Yallah Bye in 2015. Since 2016, he participates regularly to the comics magazine Fluide Glacial.

Camille Duvelleroy
She’s an interactive scriptwriter and director of interactive and transmedia projects. In 2010, she designs and produces the narrative architecture of Addicts – The French-German broadcaster ARTE’s first web fiction. In 2011, she co-founds Once Upon, a transmedia design studio where she writes and produces various interactive works such as Modern Couple and Easy Coming Out for ARTE, Gare du Nord and J’attends for the national French broadcaster France Télévisions. Her most recent project is the interactive comic Panama Al Brown.

Erwann Surcouf
He is an illustrator and designer, reporting visually on major cultural events such as the Cannes festival and the Annecy Animation Festival. He also wrote various comics published at Delcourt and he worked on the Les Autres Gens (The Other People) project.

Cécile Bidault
Comic artist and animator Bidault took over from Surcouf for the second season of Été. Bidault graduated from EnsAD, Paris (École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in 2017 and released her first comic the same year.



This project has been made in co-production by French-German broadcaster ARTE and production studio Bigger Than Fiction.

Writers: Thomas Cadène and Joseph Safieddine
Original Idea: Camille Duvelleroy
Illustrators: Erwann Surcouf (season 1) and Cécile Bidault (season 2)
Colors: Céline Badaroux
Animation: Zélie Durand and Alexis Petit
Soundtrack: Santoré
Producer: Julien Aubert
Development Manager: Martin Morales
Production Manager: Julie Lelièvre
Production Assistant: Vincent Fargeas
Head of Distribution: Edouard Gasnier
Press Relations: Jennifer Troszezynski
Communication: Timothée Magot and Titouan Harel

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