The Land of the Magic Flute

Author Chris Taminer finds himself stranded after his car crashes into a lake. He is in “The Land of the Magic Flute,” where magical principles predominate, and a battle between night and sun threatens to destroy the world.

“The Land of the Magic Flute“ is a captivating browser-experience produced by the Interactive Media Foundation in Berlin.

A modern and bold rendition of a 200-year old classic: Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte” re-imagined! Mysterious and full of secrets, with wonderful, atmospheric drawings and animations, with seven complete arias and a music concept which plays with excerpts from Mozart’s composition, the digital Motion Graphic Novel creates a fantastic visual- and hearing experience.


German Design Award (Special Mention) 2017
Webby Honoree 2016
Digita – Deutscher Bildungsmedienpreis 2016
Comenius Edu Media Siegel 2016
Lovie-Award 2015
Japan Media Arts Festival 2015



Producer/Publisher The Interactive Media Foundation GmbH

Director Fons Schiedon

Drawn by Fons Schiedon

Creative Producer Maya Puig Eriksson

Producers Saskia Kress, Diana Schniedermeier

Project Manager Nora Ambun-Suri

Writer Benjamin Schreuder

Animation Birdo / Pedro Eboli, Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet

Sound Artist Philippe Lambert

Programming Marc Storch

Original Recording of “The Magic Flute” during Bregenzer Festspiele 2013 – Wiener Symphoniker

Singer Albert Pesendorfer

Sarastro Norman Reinhardt

Tamino Ana Durlovski

Queen of the Night Bernarda Bobro

Pamina Klaus Kuttler

Papageno Alexander Kaimbacher

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