Ascent from Akeron

A group of rebellious teenagers accidentally discover the true nature of the dark world into which they’ve been born. Taking fate into their own hands, they rise up against the sinister forces that rule over their city of Akeron.

‘Ascent from Akeron’ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi motion comic written by William Maher and illustrated by Gustavo Garcia. It is produced by the Emmy award-winning studio Submarine Channel. It is made with the new digital storytelling tool for Unity, Panoply.

12 Episodes
The first four episodes will be published on for free. Our ultimate goal is to release the complete motion comic as a graphic novel app for iOS and other platforms. Once we’ve funded all 12 episodes we will make the app.

These 12 episodes of ‘Ascent from Akeron’ make up the first part of a trilogy. William Maher has a vision for how the story of Akeron continues into the future and we can tell you that it is a very exciting scenario. We can’t wait to see the potential of this storyworld come to full fruition.


Producer/Publisher Submarine Channel

Producers Femke WoltingBruno Felix & Tommy Pallotta

Color Artists Anna Engels & Aimee de Jongh

Creative Developer Erik Loyer

Developer Isabelle Kniestedt

Animator Danne Bakker

Music Mark Tschanz

Sound design Thijs Kammer

Interactive Prod. Janneke van de Kerkhof & Remco Vlaanderen

Jr. producer Sasja Opdam

Graphic & UX Design Christiaan de Rooij

Web Developer Tijmes Woudenberg

Asstistant Designers Tereza Vostradovská & Annelies Hofman

Full credits on Submarine Channel

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