Netwars – The Butterfly Attack

The year 2017: Europe’s top military officers employ a team of elite hackers. By order of the EU, they conduct a secret cross-border cyberwar exercise. But what started out as a simulation, suddenly becomes deadly serious.

The interactive graphic novel “The Butterfly Attack” tells a dramatic story of modern warfare, friendships and betrayal in three episodes with great 3D graphics, interactivity and background information.

“The Sixth Column”, a team of elite hackers, is hired by Europe’s top military officers to carry out a secret, cross-border cyberwar stress test. The simulation becomes deadly serious and a wave of attacks sweeps across the whole of Europe. Who is behind the terror? What roles do Max Parsons, the head of “The Sixth Column” and his team play?


German Design Award (Special mention) 2017
Prix Italia 2015
Grimme Online Award 2015
SXSW Interactive 2015
Deutscher Digital Award 2015
Nordmedia Preis für crossmediale Programminnovationen 2015
Ergo Direct Medienpreis Online 2015
Horizon Interactive Awards 2015
Japan Prize 2014
Benjamin Franklin Award 2014
Favourite Website Award 2014
All my Faves – Best „Cool & Wow“ Site of the Year 2014


Producer/Publisher Filmtank GmbH

Script M. Sean Coleman

Adaption Verena Klinke

Illustration, Storyboard Felix Mertikat

Creative Director, Art Director Felix Mertikat

Interaction Design Michael Scheuerl

Program Manager André Blechschmidt

Producers Michael Grotenhoff, Saskia Kress

Documentary Texts Jasmin Lörchner

App Development and Interactiondesign Chimera Entertainment

Cover Marko Djurdjevic

Music and Sound Christian Barth, Andrew Mottl

National and International Marketing Bastei Entertainment

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