Exodus – The motion comic

Exodus is an interactive motion comic produced by Submarine Channel that uses parallax scrolling and innovative animation to follow the journey of a group of refugees fleeing from war and persecution

The interactive motion comic

Combining music, sound effects and animation, Exodus follows a group of refugees fleeing an unnamed war-torn country. Continuous tragedies remind us that Europe’s refugees crisis is far from over. Exodus rethinks the issue in a powerful and imaginative way.

Viewers can interact with the motion comic by moving their tablet or smartphone horizontally, navigating across a panorama drawing of almost 12 meters (40 feet).

The use of 2.5D parallax scrolling (a technique that creates an illusion of depth in a 2D scene) and the subtle animations heighten the sense of immersion into the world of the story.

About the creators

Jasper Rietman working on the graphic novel of Exodus

Created by illustrator Jasper Rietman, Exodus was originally published as a graphic novel by Submarine Channel (you can still buy the book online).

Rietman’s work has been featured on an array of international media outlets, including The New York Times, The Guardian and the Washington Post. His first interactive illustration was a scrolling web-based book trailer produced by Submarine Channel.

Rietman’s illustration style belongs to the tradition of the “ligne claire,” a European drawing style popularized by, among others, Hergé’s Tintin.

The motion comic version is brought alive by the animations of digital artist André Bergs and by the music of composer Olger Star.

The making-of

Exodus @ Nederlands Film Festival 2020 

Exodus was selected to compete in the Best Interactive category at the Nederlands Film Festival 2020. For the occasion, Submarine Channel set up a physical installation consisting of a long panorama drawing of the story. 

👉 Download Exodus from the Apple app store for free


Illustrator & director
Jasper Rietman

Creative developer
Andre Bergs

Animation and image processing
Frederieke Mooij

Music & Sound design
Olger Star

Creative Producer
Remco Vlaanderen

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