Set during D-Day’s allied landings in 1944, Protanopia is a short free interactive comic for iOS and Android done in a unique style that blends 2D and 3D animation, comics and games.


Set during D-Day’s allied landings in 1944, Protanopia tells the story of a group of soldiers that -in an extreme attempt to camouflage themselves- dress up as clowns. Beyond its surreal humor, Protanopia is first and foremost an exploration of what a digital comic could be, pushing the narrative horizons of the art form. The reader can control the camera angle by tilting the tablet or smartphone. The result is awesome and, above all, truly innovative.

Protanopia by André Bergs interactive comic 02



Built with Unity, which is primarily a game engine, André Bergs combines 2D and 3D animation, comics, and games to create a unique kind of comic. Protanopia does not have any music – a deliberate creative decision according to Bergs, who stated that “in a movie music dictates or supports the pacing, tempo and tension arcs so strongly, and for a comic to be a comic and not a movie you have to let the reader decide his/her own pace.”



About the Creators

André Bergs is an animation director who worked on independent projects (the short 3D film Pivot) and for major players such as Lego and Disney (Legends of Chima, Jake’s Buccaneers Blast).

Protanopia by André Bergs interactive comic 02



Story and Animation: André Bergs.

Original story: André Bergs and Angel Aguirregomozcorta.


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