A Webby Awards-nominated motion comic animated in Flash. Its story will dip you in an evocative and nocturnal atmosphere.


Murat is a short fully interactive and animated comic from Motiv Collective, an independent collective from the Czech Republic. Set in a bar at night, it tells a simple yet funny story about two peculiar costumers. Aesthetically, the evocative black and white colors and the sound effects dip the comics in a nocturnal atmosphere. Moreover, thanks to its compelling animation in flash, Murat has been nominated at the 2015 Webbys Awards for the Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics category.


About the Creators

Ondřej Novák and Vojtěch Šeda are the core of Motiv Collective. After the acclaimed Murat, they’re now working on a new project that will be a puzzle adventure game. It will tell the story of a young boy who gets lost on his way home from school and finds himself in a fantasy world. Here’s a sample of what they’re preparing:



Motiv Collective: Ondřej Novák, Vojtěch Šeda
Typography: Filip Kraus
Developer: Jen Tak
Special thanks to: Jakub Dvorský / Václav havlíček / Jana Šromová / František Šeda

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