Odyssée 2.0

The war drums echo in the wide open planes of the American West. A brave native American warrior is about to embark on a crucial quest. One that will push him to the edge of his physical and mental limits.


About Odyssée 2.0

Odyssée 2.0 is an interactive web comic made by students at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Every step of the main character’s epic journey becomes an excuse for increasingly fantastical visuals. The tone is parodying on purpose and takes from codes of the Western genre, both in terms of the visuals and the narrative. Prepare yourself for a surprise ending…

Awards & Nominations

Third prize in the Digital Challenge at Angoulême’s Comics Festival of 2017.


Concept – Camille Prieur and Vincent Malgras
Web – Maxime Marois
Sound – Antoine Teixeira

Creator bios

Camille Prieur & Vincent Malgras (Facebook)
After having spent their high school years doing fan-art of Star Wars instead of listening to classes, Camille and Vincent, both from the South East of France, meet again in 2013 at the Écoles Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. They collaborate on comics published in Parisian fanzines such as Métapolis and Flutiste. In 2017, they take on the digital comics field with Odyssée 2.0, which wins the 3rd price in the digital category of the Angoulême comics festival.

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