The Echidna and the Dress

Based on a true story, that explores the cultural and spiritual connection between a young Australian Aboriginal man, his Nanna, an echidna and his country.

Echidna and the Dress is collaboration between Troy Eaton, his family and Sutu as a part of Big hArt’s Yijala Yala Project. The story is based on true events from Troy’s life, exploring the cultural and spiritual connection between himself, his Nanna, an echidna and his country.

Troy is a Nyangumarta man who grew up in Yandeyarra community in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. According to Troy’s grandmother, the Nyangumarta people believe every individual has come from at least one Totemic Being, and these help define a person’s origins and connections with the world and their relationships with the past, present and future.


Writer: Troy Eaton

Editor: Grace Pundyk

Sound Design: Stuart Thorne

Voiceovers: Troy Eaton, Nelson Coppin, Denise Eaton, Doris Eaton, Maxie Coppin

Lead Colourists: Sutu and Haw Kong

Junior Colourists: Roebourne Community

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