The Killer

A contract killer’s hopes, dreams and nightmares are slowly revealed to the reader through the protagonist’s ice-cold interior monologues. Based on the award-winning French graphic novel series by Matz and Jacamon.

Produced by the Submarine Channel in 2001, The Killer was one of the very first interactive motion comics ever made. The adaptation from print to web-based interactive format was done by the then very young, but very upcoming illustrator, animator and director Fons Schiedon. As none of the original art was not available to work with, Schiedon had to scan in the pages of the book. The scans were then processed, important in Flash and animated – an extremely labour-intensive job that paid off well. The motion comic was celebrated for its innovative approach and execution and its bold and dynamic visual style, and continues to inspire motion comic creators to this day.
Schiedon, who currently lives and works in New York, completed his second interactive graphic novel in 2015, The Land of the Magic Flute (produced by the IMF).

About the authors

Matz (1967 Rouen, Normandy) has been obsessed by comics since he was a young boy. After graduating law school he leaves college to dedicate his life to write comics and launches some small works. Matz has various and very different influences from literature, films or even from music. Besides ‘The Killer’ he also worked together with Wilson on ‘Headshot’.

Jacamon (1967) was in his youth inspired by André Franquin, in him he saw a motor that would feed his imagination. He studied practical arts, course advertising in Paris. There he found his own style which was personal and pliable at the same time. Jacamon made his first moves in the comics field in 1986. In the following years, he focused on illustration work.



Animation and Interactive Story Design: Fons Schiedon

Assistant animator: Dan Lentelink

English translation: Vanessa Flynn

Music & Sound Design: REC

Based on the graphic novel Le Tueur ‘Long Feu’ by Jacamon and Matz

Published by Casterman edition

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