Ôpp ! Titeuf ­

Follow the adventures of Titeuf and his friends with the augmented reality app Ôpp ! Titeuf. Use the app with its poster and you will discover exclusive games and find out why Titeuf climbed up that tree…

From the comics to an augmented reality app

Titeuf is originally a Swiss comic series created by Zep in 1992. We follow the adventures of Titeuf, a young boy in his early teens whose daily-life challenges and questions about puberty are portrayed in a candid and humorous way. This comic series is widely known by French-speaking audiences. It was a major success in bookstores. Spin offs included an animated TV series and an animated movie. Titeuf’s story continues and keeps on changing shapes with the augmented reality app ‘Ôpp ! Titeuf ­- Mur à dessins’ (Ôpp! Titeuf – Walls of drawings).


Adventures of the fresco brought to your home

In September 2016, the app was launched to interact with Titeuf’s mural fresco, ‘L’Aventure’ (The Adventure) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Zep (the creator of the comic), Murs à Dessins (the foundation who initiated the fresco) and Transmii Studios with the help of Aprobado Studios teamed up to make the app project come into life. Now you can experience these exclusive Titeuf stories and the adventures of the seven characters at the bottom of the fresco in Lausanne in your home. Download the free app and get the posters via the links below.

Model made by Pixart printing.

How to use the Ôpp ! Titeuf ­ app

  1. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Download the fresco on the app’s website here.
  3. Use the camera of your phone or tablet and aim for the characters.
  4. Play exclusive games with the different characters. Find all of them and discover why Titeuf climbed up the tree. Titeuf himself might give you a few clues…



Developer Transmïi Studio  with the collaboration of Aprobado Studio.

An original concept by Zep.

With the support of the Murs à dessins Foundation.


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