Follow Harley Chambers as he kicks through the futuristic City of Nawlz, engaging in overlaying virtual realities, mind-bending drugs and other strange techno-cultures.

NAWLZ is a 14 episode cyberpunk adventure series that combines animation, interactivity, music and text to create a digital panoramic comic format.

The story follows cyber graffiti artist Harley Chambers as he pushes the limits of mind control with experimental software, hallucinogenic drugs and surgical upgrades applied directly to his brain, all of which threaten to permanently dissolve the boundaries between his reality and his imagination.

Nawlz Ipad App Trailer…

Nawlz Webcomic trailer…


Writer/Illustrator/Animator: Sutu
Programmers: Wayne Harris, Duncan Gates
Sound Designers: Jordan King, Lhasa Mencur, Matthew Tierney, Joel Edmondson

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