The Ocean is Broken

In a future time where the Ice caps have melted, two brothers sail their boat north, scavenging through mountains of trash, searching for food, supplies and signs of life.

The Ocean is Broken is a post-apocalyptic tale of two brothers trying to survive in a wasteland of ice and trash. With the eldest brother showing signs of illness and memories of their mother already deceased the story is pushed along by a sense of urgency to seek a safe haven in a toxic world.


In 2014, Australian comic artist Sutu completed an artist in residence program at the Ilulissat Kunstmuseum in Greenland. During this time he collaborated with the Zeeb Berthelsen family and other community members to create a unique story in response to growing concerns about industrial growth in the arctic, the receding ice caps and the future of their young people.

He also visited the island of Uummannaq in northern Greenland where he had the pleasure of meeting and working with the staff and residents of the Uummannaq Children’s Home. The home provides a comprehensive music program. In fact, the Uummannaq Chinldrens Orchestra has earned an international reputation and the home was instrumental in the production of the feature film, Inuk, which became Greenland’s entry in to the 2012 Academy Awards.

The Ocean is Broken features live sound recordings from the area, original music composed by the Uummannaq Children’s Orchestra and the main character, Piitaaraq, is inspired by the real life Piitaaraq Berthelsen.


Writer, illustrator and animator: Sutu

Sound Design: Lhasa Mencur

Programming: Vitaliy Shirokiy

Additional sound design and colouring: Piitaaraq Zeeb Berthelsen

Cultural Consultant and Editor: Apollonie Berthelsen

Additional music: Uummannaq Children’s Orchestra

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