NEOMAD follows the Love Punks, a group of techno savvy young heroes as they venture from Australia’s Pilbara Desert to the far reaches of space, chasing spy bots, magical crystals, fallen rocket boosters and mysterious petroglyphs.

NEOMAD is a collaboration between comic artist Sutu, filmaker Benjamin Ducroz and 30 young people from Roebourne in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, as part of the Yijala Yala Project.

The Yijala Yala Project works with community members to create content and develop skills that promote the cultural heritage of Roebourne in arts, tourism, conservation and education contexts. It also includes inter-generational programs in theatre, music, dance and filmmaking. To develop digital media skills, young people used Photoshop and graphic tablets to create an interactive iPad comic and online game, a printed comic series and films, all featuring the young techno-savvy Love Punks.

Behind the scenes…

We made a live action film too… (which is also included in the app)

Meet Future Smash…




Comic Writer, Illustrator and Animator



Staring the Love Punks and Friends

Ashton Munda as Birdman

Brody Tahi Tahi as Hardcore Hami

Deshawn Roberts as Deshawn

Duncan Aubrey as Good Seg

David Churnside as Marli

Eric Wedge as General EJ

Jarried Ashburton as Jarried

Jordan Coppin as Edwin Dan

Maverick Eaton as Garuwarra

Maxie Coppin as Supamaxie

Mervin Warrie as T-Man

Nathaniel Edwins as Future Smash

Nelson Coppin as Baldhead

Sidney Eaton as Born Ready

Steve Adams as Marli

Troydan Long as Koolayd

Tyson Mowarin as Bad Seg

William Eaton as Deshawn

Woedin Wilson as Woedin



Film Directors

Benjamin Ducroz



Comic Colourists

Alison Lockyer, Ashton Munda, Brody Tahi Tahi, Corbyn Munda, Dannette Wilson, Eric Wedge, Jahmal Munda, Jarried Ashburton, Jordan Coppin, Layla Walker, Maverick Eaton, Maxie Coppin, Nathaniel Edwins, Sidney Eaton, Sutu, Tonina Smith, Troydan Long, Vynka Parker, Wah Cheung, William Eaton, Woedin Wilson

Creative Producer

Debra Myers


Associate Producer

Elspeth Blunt





Lead colourist and Interface Design

Wah Cheung


Sound Design

Stuart Thorne


Original Music

Stuart Thorne

Dudley Billing

Cho Cleary


Script Consultants

Denise Smith

Tyson Mowarin

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