Ngurrara follows the journeys of three young Australian Aboriginal Ngarluma men as they fish, hunt and carve their own stories.

It is set on Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula), home to nearly one million petroglyphs, some over 30,000 years old. As the landscape, the people and culture change over millennia, one thing remains the same, the Ngarluma people ‘were always here.’

The app includes:
– 30 pages of illustrations with sound, animation and voice overs
– learn Ngarluma language, with each Ngarluma word individually illustrated and translated into English
– carve your own petroglyph through the rock art carving application


Writer: Tyson Mowarin

Illustrator, Animator and creative director: Sutu

Programmer: Lukasz Karluk

Sound Design: Michael Prior

Lead Colourist: Haw Kong

Junior Colourists: Roebourne Community

Voice Artists:  Duncan Aubrey, Eric Wedge, Kalissa Aubrey, Paul Aubrey, Sonya Aubrey, Tyson Mowarin

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