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Odyssée 2.0


The war drums echo in the wide open planes of the American West. A brave native American warrior is about to embark on a crucial quest. One that will push him to the edge of his physical and mental limits.

Operation Ajax


Award-winning spy thriller recounts the incredible true history of the CIA plot to stage a coup of Iran’s government.

Priya’s Shakti


Hugely successful augmented reality comic book series designed to teach teens and young adults about gender-based sexual violence and gender equality.



The first virtual reality experience adapted from a graphic novel. You are lost in a graphic maze, guided only by arrows. Where will they lead you?

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1. Print Is Dead

In the same way the printing press once usurped the oral tradition as the dominant form of communication, digital delivery is poised to usurp print…

2. A Digital Comic Should Transcend Print

Comics were not born on paper, but they’ll die there if that’s the extent of our imagination…

3. A Digital Comic Should Be Designed For Its Intended Platform.

The phrase, “the story always comes first”, is a lie…

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Daily cartoon by Han Hoogerbrugge
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