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Set during D-Day’s allied landings in 1944, Protanopia is a short free interactive comic for iOS done in a never-seen-before style that blends 2D and 3D animation, comics and games.

Out There Chronicles


An interactive graphic novel based on the science-fiction universe of Award-winning game Out There. Join the protagonist Darius in his galactic quest through space and time!



A Webby Awards-nominated motion comic animated in Flash. Its story will dip you in an evocative and nocturnal atmosphere.

Close, Closer, Closest


Fredrik wants to know more about his grandfather that died 15 years before he was born. Thus, with the help of a new smartphone, he starts to interview his relatives in order to save his family’s stories from oblivion…


1. Print Is Dead

In the same way the printing press once usurped the oral tradition as the dominant form of communication, digital delivery is poised to usurp print…

2. A Digital Comic Should Transcend Print

Comics were not born on paper, but they’ll die there if that’s the extent of our imagination…

3. A Digital Comic Should Be Designed For Its Intended Platform.

The phrase, “the story always comes first”, is a lie…

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Daily cartoon by Han Hoogerbrugge
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