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To Be Continued

In a world where superheroes only exist for show and entertainment, a group of youngsters in a top-tier superhero academy try to find their purpose in life.

Last Quest

A prosperous planet at the edge of the universe called Cardia is under attack by evil powers! All seems lost, when suddenly a spark of hope appears…

Masters of the Sun

From the mind of Will.i.am comes a futuristic zombie thriller that mixes L.A. Gang culture, B-Boy-ism and Egyptology to tell the heroic tale of a Hip-Hop group from East L.A.


Meet Edel and accompany him on his daily routine in the bedazzling world of Oranova. An interactive web comic in Dutch.


1. Print Is Dead

In the same way the printing press once usurped the oral tradition as the dominant form of communication, digital delivery is poised to usurp print…

2. A Digital Comic Should Transcend Print

Comics were not born on paper, but they’ll die there if that’s the extent of our imagination…

3. A Digital Comic Should Be Designed For Its Intended Platform.

The phrase, “the story always comes first”, is a lie…

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Daily cartoon by Han Hoogerbrugge
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