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Saving Maggie

Surviving an apocalyptic event? Easy. Raising your daughter in it? Not so much. Saving Maggie is a free sci-fi adventure graphic novel.

Panama Al Brown: Mysterious Strength

An amazing interactive comic about the black, gay, boxing world champion in the 1930s for web and mobile. Available in English, French and German.

Ascent from Akeron

A group of rebellious teenagers accidentally discover the true nature of the dark world into which they’ve been born. Taking fate into their own hands, they rise up against the sinister forces that rule over their city of Akeron.

To Be Continued

In a world where superheroes only exist for show and entertainment, a group of youngsters in a top-tier superhero academy try to find their purpose in life.


1. Print Is Dead

In the same way the printing press once usurped the oral tradition as the dominant form of communication, digital delivery is poised to usurp print…

2. A Digital Comic Should Transcend Print

Comics were not born on paper, but they’ll die there if that’s the extent of our imagination…

3. A Digital Comic Should Be Designed For Its Intended Platform.

The phrase, “the story always comes first”, is a lie…

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Daily cartoon by Han Hoogerbrugge
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