Warlu Song

This Australian dreamtime story follows an aboriginal man as he dreams the Warlu (the serpent spirit) and journeys with it across his country.

This digital storybook is a collaboration between Yindjibarndi community leader Michael Woodley and illustrator Stu Campbell. Warlu Song is a Jawi, a song belonging to Tommy Wiliguru Bambardu, carried by Ned Cheedy and Mr Woodley. Warlu Song follows a spirit man’s epic journey as he rides a terrifying serpent, ripping up trees with an angry wind, smashing the land with floods and changing the country forever. Throughout the story readers can learn and listen switching between both Yindjibarndi language and english told through the eyes of the spirit man.

Continuing the Australian Aboriginal oral tradition, this story was originally dreamt by a blind songsmith and is here sung in Yindjibarndi and spoken in English in an effort to continue passing it on.

This app also includes a film of the late Ned Cheedy singing Warlu Song at a corroboree with Michael Woodley and a ‘Learn the Song’ feature where the user can tap the lines to hear pronunciation.


Traditional Song by: Tommy Wiliguru Bambardu (Blind Billy)

Traditional Song carried by: Ned Cheedy and Mr Woodley

Narrators: Michael Woodley and David ‘Rex Churnside

Yindjibarndi Cultural Consultant: Michael Woodley

Art, Animation and Creative Direction: Sutu

Progamming: Lukasz Karluk and Daniel Rosser

Sound Design: Lhasa Mencur

Lead Colorists: Sutu, Rod Wong, Haw Kong

Junior Colourists: Roebourne Community

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